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“AGRODRIP S.A.” aspires to establish itself as an international leading brand whose name will be synonymous with consistency and high quality of its products. “We work hard to ensure that every drop is used as well as possible, because it is important for us every drop to not be wasted”.


Thanks to the collaboration with remarkable partners, AGRODRIP S.A. invests in the entire rural community and offers a comprehensive range of products, based on the innovative, scientific and technological irrigation practices. Specialized in drip irrigation systems, the Company constantly seeks opportunities for growth, through the distribution of its products in new markets and development of new products for existing markets. With the whole company’s improvement, AGRODRIP S.A. ensures that its products will always provide reliable and complete irrigation solutions.


Company’s values guide its business activities and determine how AGRODRIP S.A. interacts with all its partners.

High quality products
Basic care of AGRODRIP S.A. is the production of high quality products. Acting in both Greek and international market, AGRODRIP S.A. guarantees reliable products over their whole life, ensuring their quality with the required certifications. The Company applies international regulations and operates strictly in accordance with the ISO 9001 quality certification legislation, but at the same time seeks to invest in new technologies to meet the high quality standards AGRODRIP S.A. sets.

Customer satisfaction
Company’s main concern is the satisfaction and support of its customers. Therefore, in each of its business activities, the point of reference is the customer satisfaction as well as the maintenance of their preference. The whole team of AGRODRIP S.A. works hard every day to look worthy of the expectations and the trust of its customers.

Acting with responsibility, before every business improvement the Company’s human resources think new ways that can be discovered, in order to offer real value to the rural community, farmers and their families.

Business ethics
Acting fairly and honestly and in line with the corporate values, within the framework of “good business”, the Company has developed on a long-term basis relationship of trust with its various partners.

Coorporation and team work spirit
AGRODRIP S.A. invests and develops the skills of its people, promoting team spirit and cooperation between them, providing a healthy professional environment and is willing to support its people at every step.