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AGRODRIP S.A., based in Industrial Area of Sindos in Thessaloniki (Greece), has started its operation as a small production unit of irrigation fittings in the late ‘80’s. With relentless focus on Research & Development, skilled and experienced personnel coupled with investments in building and mechanical equipment, it has today become a fully integrated production unit of specialized irrigation systems, innovative high-tech irrigation products.

AGRODRIP S.A. today operates with 2 modern, vertically integrated production facilities covering a total area of over 16.000 m2 , making it one of the leading industries in the sector, providing high quality, cutting-edge irrigation pipes and fittings. The dynamic development of AGRODRIP SA is based on the timeless values that govern its operation, on its continuous effort, on its passion for high quality products as well as on the responsibility that displays towards the Greek, the international community and the environment.


AGRODRIP S.A. is activated in both domestic and international market, giving special importance to its export orientation. Achieving a leap in export activity in recent years, it exports to over 30 countries all over the 5 continents, including Latin America, the USA, India, Russia, the Arab countries, etc.

AGRODRIP S.A. adapted to requirements of domestic and international market for integrated irrigation solutions and implementation, covering the entire agricultural sector, has the experience, the know-how and the ability to offer a full range of innovative components and pipes – drip irrigation, satisfying every cultivations’ irrigation need.

Certified for many years with the ISO 9001 quality assurance system and now in its third decade, AGRODRIP S.A. continues to emphasize on research and development and with the help of its specialized executives, continuously evolves and expands dynamically its presence in both Greek and international market, providing reliable and complete solutions even to the hardest irrigation problem.